Is your pipe old?
Have the professionals done a lot of work on your pipe that it has gone old? Is your water producing irritating taste?
Then know that you pipe needs a change.

When old galvanized pipes becomes weak. It leads to corroding and filling up with mineral deposits, resulting in poor water pressure, rust-colored water, and other unpleasant and unhealthy effects.

At this time all you need is to re-pipe and replace those old pipes with new copper pipes. So that you can experience free-flowing, clean, and healthy water to your family once more.

Nearby Plumbing Services go the extra miles to provide you with only top-quality materials, like hard copper or PEX-A piping.
Because will want the longevity of your pipes , we install shut-off valves made from stainless steel and low-zinc brass, and temperature balance valves for bathtubs and showers also made from brass and stainless steel. These are the beat among the rest

Nearby plumbing Services are fully-licensed and have a team of well trained and groomed professionals who know their onions in piping and re-piping .

Because your satisfaction is our uttermost priority, we are open to your complaints , suggestions and corrections if any.


Defrosting pipes is a complex process. When temperatures drop below the freezing point, the water in your inlets and outlets can freeze. In the absence of intervention, the risk of bursting of your pipes is very high.

We advice, never try to intervene yourself or to hire an amateur for this work. If you suspect that your plumbing system (water supply and/ or drain lines) is starting to freeze or freeze, just call Nearby Plumber immediately because we are always near tour doorstep.Our experienced plumbers have the knowledge and skills to effectively and safely thaw frozen pipes to prevent breakage and permanent damage to your facility.

Nearby plumbing services will ensure a steady flow of water throughout the winter with our pipe thawing services.

commercial plumbing


When winter comes, some professionals still use dangerous techniques to defrost pipes that can cause fires

That’s why it’s important to do business with experienced professionals.

Nearby Plumbers uses safe, state-of-the-art equipment.

Equipped with a broth pressure machine, an electric pipe and a water pressure pump, our team is able to give you the best. In order to be certain of ensuring a consistent and effective service, our team then conducts a camera inspection of the pipes to verify that they are thawed.

Prevent frozen plumbing problems

We also give you free advice on how to avoid your defrosted pipe as soon as possible.

Pipe freezing can often be avoided. Here are some options to permanently improve the insulation of your pipes:

Install foam sleeves around the pipes.

Surround the “chilly” pipe with insulating tape.

Wrap a heating cable around the pipe, and plug it in to prevent freezing.

Also, if you have serious doubts about the potential risk of freezing pipes in your homes, just five us a call , we are always nearby.




We respond to your call always 7/7 every week, 24/7 daily.

We are on a fast track to finish your work within 24-hours or at most 2-3 days.